Saturday, March 31, 2012

Making A Living...

In the Caribbean there is a dependency on tourists who visit and hoping they will spend their money in the country they are visiting. I think about this when a ship comes in like it did today (in the left of the photo).  The ship slowly makes its way to the dock, locals wait to greet them and see if they want a tour (the vans in the right of the photo) and hopefully some tourists will say yes and enjoy a tour given by a local guide.

Living here has taught me how lucky I am that I was raised in the US and able to have many opportunities.  Here, in Dominica, the cost of a cruise for one person, could be the year salary of a local.  The differences are amazing, but in each country, hopefully each member is making a living in the best way possible for them and the country (no illegal activites included). 

So here there are Dominicans who will give wonderful tours of the island to the tourists all to make a living and feed their families.  It is humbling and amazing to me all at the same time. 

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