Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Trying Once Again....

So I am going to try again to start taking a photo a day.  I miss it.  As I look at the photos I took in the past, I like them now.  I was able to get some shots that I have used in shows and even sold a few.  Taking photos each day makes me a better photographer and reminds me how much I love taking photos.  I feel creative and wondering what I will see next.  I need to keep it up.  I only realize how much I miss it once I start taking the photos again.  So here goes another try....

These are photos of noni.  It is a tropical fruit.  The white ball in the second photo is the rip fruit.  The others are the buds.  This fruit (and its juice) is now started to be studied for mecidinal purposes.  Just google it and you will see where the research is headed.

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