Friday, March 30, 2012

Appreciate What is Nearby...

So I am still hanging around the housre with a sick child (going on five days now - he is getting better and will be fine next week).  This has allowed me to become more creative with my photographing something new each day.  It has allowed me to explore literally what is outside my door and what I overlook each day in my rush in and out of the house.

Today I looked out the window and saw birds with these flowers.  Sadly, I don't remember if I have seen this bush flowering in the past.  It is a great bush - with these delicate flowers that are hanging over - looking like a cascading yellow waterfall. 

It makes me think how we sometimes overlook what is with us all the time and we take it for granted.  Maybe more quiet time observing what we have will allow us to be more content in our lives.  Who knows - but I am going to try to notice what is close by and appreciate that fact I have it and can enjoy it.


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