Thursday, March 22, 2012

Look Out 4 Cows

There is one road that travels the West Coast of Dominica.  There are smaller roads off of this one main road that go to the villages along the road.  There is this sign along a rare part of straight road on this roadway (most of the roads is very turny through the hills).  I love this sign.  Someone took it upon themselves to post the sign.  Since it is one of the straightest parts of the road, drivers have their opportunity to race their cars.  This can be very dangerous even without the cows.  There have been cows seen here (as many as up to ten at once) so the sign helps.  Now the goal is to see the cows near the sign - that would be the ultimate photo.  I will have to check there a couple of times a week to see if I can find the cows at the sign.

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