Thursday, March 29, 2012

Is the Haze Leaving?

Somedays the weather is the story.  No matter what else you want to talk about - the weather wins.  This is the case for me today.  The weather has been very, very hazy and oppressive.  There has not been a breeze that is typical of this time of year, there have been VERY gray skies all day and not a drop of rain (sort of typical this time of year).  Today, there is a breeze and there are now patches of blue in the sky.  Maybe this weather system has had enough and it is going to start moving.  I miss the blue sky and breezes.  There is such a difference in the day when these happen.  As it is getting hot again (all relative - now up to 85 degrees from 82 degrees daytime) the breeze helps so  much in keeping cool.  So go away gray, hazy skies!  We want to enjoy the blue of the caribbean!

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