Monday, March 26, 2012

Off to St. Maarten...

The top of one bunch of plantains.

 The pile getting ready for shipment.

So today I was homebound for family reasons.  So when I got a chance to escape at the end fo the day I did.  As it was sunset, I started looking for a great "end of the day" shot.  Where would it be?  What photo could I take with the great afternoon light?

Well as I was driving around I saw some men stacking the plantains, getting them ready for transport.  There really wasn't great light around but this was a new experience.  The plantains were being counted and weighed, then placed on a boat for St. Maarten (with a stopover in Montserrat).  The boats leaves tonight (Monday) and will get to St. Maarten on Wednesday. 

I had never seen this process of counting/weighing the plantains before they leave the island.  What a great opportunity for me as I was wondering looking for a photo.  Here is it was as long as I was willing to look and be flexible in my plans.  It was the perfect afternoon shot for the day.

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