Thursday, October 18, 2012

Only Two More Months......

So we are headed back to the US.  Leaving Dominica in two months.  I want to get back to taking photos mpre diligently in these last two months.  I am trying to take photos of what I want to make sure I have the photos I want when I am not here anymore.  That is hard.  I am so afraind of missing something, but I have seen so much that I am grateful.  What else could I see?  What other photos do I want?  I will try for the next two months to see.

My photo is not posting at the moment.  I am giong to try again tomorrow.  The photo is of raindrops - a fact of life here in Dominica.  I want to remember the raindrops with fondness even if days of it can make one crazy at times. 

Here is to posting that photo tomorrow and a new one altogether.....

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I LOVE this truck...

This truck is on the main street in the neighborhood of Lagoon in Portsmouth.  This truck has been parked in the same spot for so long, that there is now grass growing underneath it.  This is so cool!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Starting Fresh

So I have been away for awhile... here I go again, trying to start again.  At least I keep trying and I guess that is the point.  I have to keep on trying!

So to start again, I decided to take a photo of the guava flower.  This is the beginning of a lovely fruit that many a person LOVES.  It is very fragnant and can make a room smell great.  Hopefully I can keep up with taking photos for at least as long as it takes this flower to become a fruit!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Making A Living...

In the Caribbean there is a dependency on tourists who visit and hoping they will spend their money in the country they are visiting. I think about this when a ship comes in like it did today (in the left of the photo).  The ship slowly makes its way to the dock, locals wait to greet them and see if they want a tour (the vans in the right of the photo) and hopefully some tourists will say yes and enjoy a tour given by a local guide.

Living here has taught me how lucky I am that I was raised in the US and able to have many opportunities.  Here, in Dominica, the cost of a cruise for one person, could be the year salary of a local.  The differences are amazing, but in each country, hopefully each member is making a living in the best way possible for them and the country (no illegal activites included). 

So here there are Dominicans who will give wonderful tours of the island to the tourists all to make a living and feed their families.  It is humbling and amazing to me all at the same time. 

Friday, March 30, 2012

Appreciate What is Nearby...

So I am still hanging around the housre with a sick child (going on five days now - he is getting better and will be fine next week).  This has allowed me to become more creative with my photographing something new each day.  It has allowed me to explore literally what is outside my door and what I overlook each day in my rush in and out of the house.

Today I looked out the window and saw birds with these flowers.  Sadly, I don't remember if I have seen this bush flowering in the past.  It is a great bush - with these delicate flowers that are hanging over - looking like a cascading yellow waterfall. 

It makes me think how we sometimes overlook what is with us all the time and we take it for granted.  Maybe more quiet time observing what we have will allow us to be more content in our lives.  Who knows - but I am going to try to notice what is close by and appreciate that fact I have it and can enjoy it.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Is the Haze Leaving?

Somedays the weather is the story.  No matter what else you want to talk about - the weather wins.  This is the case for me today.  The weather has been very, very hazy and oppressive.  There has not been a breeze that is typical of this time of year, there have been VERY gray skies all day and not a drop of rain (sort of typical this time of year).  Today, there is a breeze and there are now patches of blue in the sky.  Maybe this weather system has had enough and it is going to start moving.  I miss the blue sky and breezes.  There is such a difference in the day when these happen.  As it is getting hot again (all relative - now up to 85 degrees from 82 degrees daytime) the breeze helps so  much in keeping cool.  So go away gray, hazy skies!  We want to enjoy the blue of the caribbean!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I apologize now if I have already written an entry about pineapples.  I don't remember and I have taken a photo of one today.

I did not eat pineapples until I came to Dominica.  The only pineapples I knew growing up were the ones in a can that you mixed with cottage cheese.  A gross combination if you ask me.

Once here I braved the world of pineapple.  Here they are grown locally, cut from the plant when ripe and then eaten.  I loved it from the first bite.  I believe there is nothing better than fresh fruit ripened on the tree, plant, vine, etc.  The pineapples here are delicious.  I know I will never eat pineapple out of a can, but I know now I will buy fresh ones whereever I am.