Thursday, October 18, 2012

Only Two More Months......

So we are headed back to the US.  Leaving Dominica in two months.  I want to get back to taking photos mpre diligently in these last two months.  I am trying to take photos of what I want to make sure I have the photos I want when I am not here anymore.  That is hard.  I am so afraind of missing something, but I have seen so much that I am grateful.  What else could I see?  What other photos do I want?  I will try for the next two months to see.

My photo is not posting at the moment.  I am giong to try again tomorrow.  The photo is of raindrops - a fact of life here in Dominica.  I want to remember the raindrops with fondness even if days of it can make one crazy at times. 

Here is to posting that photo tomorrow and a new one altogether.....

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