Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuesday May 24th - Looking at the Old Again

Sorry for the delay in posting.  I couldn't get into the website - it kept redirecting me to somewhere else even after signing in.  I tried again today and after many failed attempts and different variationns to get in, I finally did.

So yesterday I decided to go to Morne Bruce and look at Roseau, the capitol of Dominica, from above.  I haven't been there in years and wanted a look.  It is only a five minute ride outside of Roseau but I just haven't taken those few minutes to go there.  I think I was just being lazy, knowing I had been there before and why go again.  There was always something else to do and since I had been there what was the big deal.

Well it reminded me to appreciate the stuff we have done and seen and that we all get lazy.  Wherever we live, I think we stop appreciating what is there and forget to look at the wonder of it.  We need to take the time to see again what is there all the time and don't let it go by.

Now I am off to find a photo for today.

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