Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another Surprising Day...

We have lived in Dominica for over 7 years now.  There are always new things that surprise me about the island and today was one of them.  We stopped at a local restaurant today in Massacre.  While there I was outside the restaurant and looked away from the road.  Above is what I saw.  I have driven on the road many times and have not seen this view at all while driving.  Now to give myself a break, it is at a narrow part of the road with a bridge that is essentially one large truck width.  I am focused on driving successfully through this stretch of the road then looking around at what is near by.  I need to stop more and walk through the towns to see what I am missing when I drive through.

On the right of this photo is a stairway.  So if someone lives in one of the houses on the side of the hill, they need to walk up the path, past these houses, and then up a large set of stairs to get to their house.  It is an amazing walk and one I hope to do soon.

Again, this reminded me that I need to slow down, walk some more and see what is behind that initial layer to see more deeply.

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