Friday, May 6, 2011

Keeps on Raining

It has been raining here, each day, for over a week.  Some days it is constant, other days it is in the form of showers that come and go pretty consistently.  Either way, it effects doing things outside, including going to the beach.  It is guaranteed that you will be rianed on at some point.  Today there were showers but it was interesting.  Most of the rain was coming down this one valley all day long.  The outside perimeter of the valley would get sprinkles now and again, but not the steady rain that a few feet away was getting.

In this photo, I am trying to show the rain and the valley as well as the nice weather above the clouds.  There are mountains behind the band of clouds as well as sunshine above it.  This is what it looked like for hours from one side.  Underneath those clouds must have been very wet, while we on the outside edge only got grey weather and an occasional LIGHT rain.

I love the weather here - this is the dry season and we are soaking wet!

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