Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday July 17th - Two Photos

Today there are two photos.  One is of this newborn calf.  We went for a walk on a trail and it was there with its mom.  It was just cute.  It was curious but wary.  Its mom seemed fine with us once she realized we weren't there to hurt either of them but that just made the calf stand there and look at us.  It was a fun way to start the walk.

The second photo is of this house we saw while walking in the woods.  I am impressed it is still standing.  When walking in the woods we run into these houses occasionally.  It makes you wonder if the person/people in the house actually own the land or are they squatting?  Will the house survive a hurricane (or even a tropical storm) and what is it like to live there?  It makes me wonder how little I truly need to have a good life?  How much stuff do I have that I don't really need?

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