Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 9 - For the Love of Tractors

My 22 month old son LOVES tractors.  LOVES capitalized understates his love.  This is what he talks about, wants to find while driving around and plays with his tractor toys at home.  Of course any type of construction equipment is a tractor.  His face lights up and his day is made when he sees them while we are in the car.

So today, he and I went for a drive to find tractors.  He knows all the tractor hot spots nearby.  While we are in the car, my son makes sure to point out the spots and looks for his love.  We were able to find these "tractors" today so I took photos of them for him.  He was very excited and then we could go home.  Now I just need to print these photos for him.

It is great to watch how easily excited and happy he can be with a construction vehicle.  When do we as adults, lose that excitement over simple things and how do we get it back?  I guess we need to find what our love is and enjoy it!

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