Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 8 - Live, Laugh, Learn

It has been one week of taking a photo a day.  It has been going OK so far.  What do I want to take a photo of on a day?  What do I want to document?  How do I want to photograph it to show its best?  And then there are the days that I am scrambling to figure out what to take a photo of for the day.

I like this sign and think we should all follow it.  It is on the wall of a school in Portsmouth.  I think it is a great sign for a school wall.  I hope to be able to live well, laugh lots as I live and never stop learning.  I think this is a great reminder after trying this for a week.  This process is about living and learning new things along the way and I better be laughing most of the time.  Laughter makes it all so much easier.

So I hope you Live, Laugh, Learn as you make it through your days.....

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