Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 7 - An attempt

The title of this seems means so much more now after "attempting" to upload this photo and it being sideways.  UGH!  Can't figure it out and am too tired tonight.  Maybe tomorrow I will fix the photo and it will be upright.

Dominica has several boats that are on shore.  They landed that way from previous storms and have not been taken away yet.  This one has fascinated me for years and how to get a good shot of it.  Today was the "attempt" to do it with bright sun behind it.  The photo is OK except for the flare at the bottom of it.  I will have to try again and skip the sun flare.

The important lesson from today is to keep trying and attempting to get the shot that best shows what I am trying to represent.  Let's see what happens tomorrow.

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